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Tenova iRecovery® Technology

Tenova iRecovery® Technology

The alarm clock always rings at the same time, but despite the slow start, people face the day energized by a different kind of power. This takes place in Brescia, an Italian city, where around 2,000 households are provided with thermal heat during winter. During summer, 700 families rely on clean electricity. Overall, the community benefits from a reduction of 10,000 ton of CO2 per year. As they say: the green revolution starts at home with families rejecting heat and electricity delivered to buildings generated from obsolete, inefficient and polluting boilers and long-standing systems alike.

Enzo Chiarullo

Product Line Director - Environmental Technologies, Tenova Metals
The origin of iRecovery® project dates back over a decade ago. Our forward-thinking professionals had envisioned this energy recovery technology when sustainability sensibility did not enjoy mainstream cultural recognition and green concerns were not so headline-worthy. Ten years later, our pioneering bet yielded eco-friendly dividends for end-users while securing an economic return on the investment as the plant repays itself in a short time frame.

The sustainable awakening was envisioned and made possible through iRecovery® Technology, which is kicking energy optimization into a higher gear at the ORI Martin steel making plant and other references around the world. Tenova iRecovery® conveys wasted heat to a system that can recover it by generating steam. The steam is first stored and subsequently transformed into electricity, through an organic cycle turbine, or, during wintertime, into thermal energy, which feeds the Brescia district heating network. This is a closed cycle system that does not waste water and can recover up to 75% of the energy that would normally be lost.

Built upon our vision to serve customers and communities with technologies that can turn unproductive processing waste into a precious reusable resource, iRecovery® marks Tenova’s commitment to remain ahead of the green curve in accordance with the principles and benefits of the circular economy. iRecovery® turns industrial products of today into the resources of tomorrow within a system that integrates industries and cities.