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Regenerative Flameless Burner

Regenerative Flameless Burner

At Tenova, you might say we have a burning desire to be better. It’s in our DNA.
We’ve always strived to build the most innovative solutions for metals and mining.
Today our burners and combustion technologies are best-in-class, installed in steel production facilities all over the world.

But as good as burners can be, their combustion process still produces an undesirable amount of nitrogen oxides.
Commonly known as “NOx,” these byproducts contribute to a host of unwanted environmental effects, including acid rain, erosive ozone, smog and more.
NOx can even irritate human skin, damage respiratory channels and exacerbate heart problems.
Tenova’s experts believed they could design a better way.

Davide Astesiano

R&D Manager, Tenova
“We focused our research on improving the overall efficiency of our thermal combustion processes.
Our ambitious goal was to achieve the same end result while using less fuel and guaranteeing extremely low NOx emissions.
We knew success would mean both less NOx in the atmosphere and lower operating costs for our clients.”

The result of their efforts? Our TRGX Regenerative Flameless Burner.
The TRGX preheats air to extremely high temperatures, reducing the amount of fuel required to complete the job and thereby releasing less CO2 in the process. The TRGX can also operate in “flameless” mode, reducing NOx emissions well below even the strictest environmental regulations. Our clients benefit from energy savings, and the environment benefits from a cleaner, more efficient industrial process!

Another example of Sustenovability: sustainable industrial processes done the Tenova way.