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SALCOS: Hydrogen for Steel Making

SALCOS: Hydrogen for Steel Making

The steel business is one of the major industrial sources of climate pollution. It is responsible for 7% to 9% of all direct fossil fuel emissions. Reversing the emissions course is more urgent than ever. The viable pathway to reduce the emissions from making steel relies on hydrogen technologies. As the notion of replacing fossil fuels with green hydrogen in steelmaking has recently been gaining traction, Tenova and its partners have already taken some big and concrete steps.
The recent strategic cooperation signed with Salzgitter AG, originated in the pursuit of SALCOS, a revolutionary concept for a significantly CO2-reduced steel production method that will potentially slash CO2 emissions up to 95%.

Paolo Argenta

Vice President Upstream - Tenova Metals
Today, the use of alternative feedstock sources in the case of Energy Intensive Industries, such as metal production, is an unavoidable must. Tenova has fully embraced the Sustenovability mindset, implementing substantial investments that resulted in advanced technologies that are able to significantly reduce energy consumption and the environmental footprint of steel production. In particular, Hydrogen production advocates a revolution, since green H2 can substitute natural gas in Direct Reduction plants, reaching close to 0% CO2 emissions.

Tenova is also engaged in two other projects, namely Hybrit (as a supplier of selected process equipment for Hybrit Development pilot plant for fossil-free steel in Luleå, Sweden), and GrInHy2.0. (building and operating the world’s largest High-Temperature Electrolyzer for the energy-efficient production of hydrogen), which is initiated by the Salzgitter AG group too.

As the pathway towards climate-friendly steel production and sustainable economic models is a never-ending journey, we are mindful that there is no arrival point, since each arrival represents a new departure and a new challenge which we are ready to take on.