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Dry Stack
Tailings Management

Dry Stack
Tailings Management

The current act of receiving potable water by simply turning a tap hides a looming concern: we are likely to have to deal with water shortages in the not too distant future. As we continue to take access to water for granted, we forget that every drop counts! If we do not follow a more responsible and sustainable behavior regarding our current water usage, there will not be enough drops of water left to count.

Unfortunately, this scenario is already a sad reality in some areas, countries, industries and sectors of the world. Demand for domestic, commercial and industrial water is projected to increase and sustainable water management is therefore becoming an increasingly important and challenging issue for mining operations around the world, especially those that operate in areas of the planet where water conservation is critical.

Tiago Carvalho

Managing Director - Tenova do Brasil
Dry stack tailings technologies are also provided by some of our global competitors. What makes Tenova a superior choice is the completeness of our offer - we are able to select from our in-house range of technologies to ensure we choose the right equipment for your specific requirements. This ensures that we are able to transform your operations into a safe, sustainable and efficient process bringing overall peace of mind.

As a result, "Sustenovability" comes into play with an effective solution that addresses a pressing matter: by implementing dry stack tailings management technologies, we are able to tangibly manage water sustainability, with additional significant safety benefits too.

By recycling process water and virtually eliminating leakage and evaporation, water requirements are significantly reduced, together with a complete reduction in tailings dam failures.

Tenova is able to provide the full complement of dry stack tailings management solutions – from single equipment pieces to integrated systems and complete turnkey projects for the entire tailings process.

This water and safety management technology speaks volumes of how Tenova acknowledges current critical environmental issues and takes the necessary steps to turn present-day problems into future opportunities as the demands for sustainable business practices are not the exception but the rule.